Scheme Report & Accounts

The Trustee annual Report & Accounts for the Scheme are prepared as at the Scheme’s year-end which is 31 December.
It includes the Trustees’ Report and the financial statements for the Scheme and each individual employer section as at the last audited Scheme year-end.


The Report & Accounts are available to request from August following the previous Scheme year-end.

Copies of the relevant Financial Statements for your Employer section of the Scheme are available from the Scheme Secretary.

Scheme Secretary can be contacted at:

The Secretary to the Trustees
Industry-Wide Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme
The Trustees Office
Mexborough Business Centre
College Road
S64 9JP


IWMPS Engagement Policy Implementation Statement

The Trustee has produced its first Engagement Policy Implementation Statement (EPIS) for the 12 months to 31 December 2020.  The EPIS sets out how and the extent to which the Trustee has followed its stewardship policies and objectives as set out in the Scheme’s Statement of Investment Principles (SIP).  It also covers voting behaviour by or on behalf of the Trustee during the year and states any use of the services of a proxy voter during the year.


The EPIS forms part of the Scheme’s Report & Accounts, a copy of which can be requested as mentioned above.  Alternatively, the 2020 IWMPS EPIS can be downloaded here.

As mentioned above, the IWMPS SIP can be downloaded here.  The Appendix to the IWMPS SIP can be downloaded here.