Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

Contributing members of the IWMPS can pay Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs). AVCs are a tax efficient way of supplementing your IWMPS benefits by making additional contributions to a separate fund. Recent changes to the law mean that you now have lots more flexibility about how you take any savings you contribute to an AVC fund – it can be taken as cash (rather than converting to a pension).
AVCs work differently to your main IWMPS benefits. There is no promised amount of benefit and there are no employer contributions. You choose the amount you invest and how it is invested and you can stop making payments or change the amount you pay at any time.

The AVC arrangement is managed by Aviva on behalf of the Trustees. There are issues to consider before paying AVCs, including your own tax position. Further information can be provided from the Scheme’s administration office using the details below.

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