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The Scheme’s administration office will be able to provide information and answer questions about members’ entitlement to benefits from the Scheme.

On the sad occasion of the death of an IWMPS member, including where benefits were not yet in payment, the next of kin, or person dealing with the estate should please contact the administration office to notify the Scheme of the member’s death. It would be helpful to have the member’s National Insurance or date of birth to hand and details of any dependants. The administration office will then write to the next of kin with details of any further benefits payable.

Administration Office

Industry-Wide Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme
Hymans Robertson LLP
20 Waterloo Street
G2 6DB

Telephone: 0141 566 7677


Members of the Scottish Coal and UK Coal employer sections, which have transferred to the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), should contact the PPF Member Services team on 0330 123 2222.

Further information about the PPF is available on its website:

Complaints Process

Fortunately, there are relatively few occasions on which ‘disputes’ arise between members and the Scheme, its Trustees or administrators. Problems or complaints can usually be resolved when they first arise with either the Scheme’s Administration Office or with the Scheme Secretary.

If you have a problem that you have not been able to resolve to your satisfaction, you can make a formal complaint using the Scheme’s Internal Dispute Resolution procedure.

In the first instance the Scheme Secretary will deal with the complaint on the Trustees’ behalf. If you are not satisfied with the decision at the first stage you can ask for your complaint to be referred to a second stage where it will be considered by the Trustees who will review your complaint; they may ratify the decision taken at the first stage or they may take a different view. Further details can be found here.


All correspondence and questions about policy of the Trustees should be addressed to the Secretary at the address below. All mail addressed to the IWMPS Trustees will normally be dealt with by the Secretary.


The Secretary to the Trustees Industry-Wide Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme:
The Trustees Office, Mexborough Business Centre, College Road, Mexborough, S64 9JP

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